Where we presently are


Presently, we are very much in our infancy, but show great scope for development.


We have actively sought to raise our profile by creating a Twitter account Diaspora in The Vale; in addition to hosting a Facebook account entitled <https://www.facebook.com/pages/Nigerian-Community-Association-Aylesbury-NCAA/445795632199218?ref=bookmarks>. These accounts are active and to date we have 109 followers on our Twitter account many of whom are local businesses and organisations.


Having hosted a successful PR and fundraising event in December2014 (which included the NCAA presenting a donation to our local branch of Barnados), we are now considering how to complement and improve our efforts inclusively going forwards.


Future Goals


As an organisation, we are in need of generating more funds to allow us to host more events for our young and also senior generations across The Vale.


We have successfully organised an Arts & Crafts workshop (held at the Multicultural Centre) for children allowing them to express and create artwork and pieces. This has proved a great success and has shown a lot of keen interest.


We have some Committee members who work for the local PCT at Stoke Mandeville Hospital - a First Aid workshop is also in the pipeline for all to attend as we are aware of schools striving to roll out CPR training.



Black History Month is an event, which culturally has shaped the way we think of our values in Modern Britain. By researching this area well, and perhaps working with the local library and the Afro-Caribbean Society in Aylesbury, it would be an honour to host part of an event.


A ticketed end of year event would also be a great achievement for us to celebrate the work of the young, old, able and not so able. It will allow for us to reflect on how, and where we have positively impacted on our Community in Aylesbury. This would also tie in splendidly with Nigerian Independence Day where we can display a wealth of music, culture, food, dance and merriment as a way of thanking those who have supported us over the last year.


About us


Our Aim…


Our sole aim is to bring together a sense of cultural values from around the world together for all.


Although our experiences stem from West Africa, our collective value the learning experiences we gain with the plethora of people we have met and the local organisations we hope to work with.


There are some areas of society where knowledge and information is sparse within our respective community - mental health, education, employment law, benefits etc to name but a few examples. Working with, and creating contacts with these governing bodies will help us reach many who may not otherwise have been aware of how they can feel and be supported within the community.