Annual End Of Year Get Together Event

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Our primary focus is supporting people, including but not limited to, people of Nigerian heritage and their families in order to strengthen and improve their skills in their current surroundings and build confidence within the local community, Aylesbury

Our Objectives

To help enhance the chances of the  " Not In Education Employment or Training" get back to work by organising trainings, seminars and workshops

To develop good relationships with other similar groups within the wider community in order to achieve same goals quicker and more efficiently

To operate a supportive and sustainable social enterprise

To improve skills and build confidence within the community

To promote awareness of Nigerian Culture

2020 On-going Projects

Foodshare Project - Help Feed Those In Need

In Collaboration with Tesco, Waitrose, ASDA, Greggs, Lidl, Aldi and McDonald's

Computer Skills Enhancement

This work has been supported by funding from European Social Fund


This work has been supported by funding from National Lottery Community Fund

Nigerian Community Association Aylesbury is a Sport Loving Organization as we believe, been sport active has so many advantages : Engaging the youths in physical activities, Medical Advantages, improving Psychomotor domain of the children and also enhances more confidence in the children


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